Screenerâ„¢: managing smart appliances that speak to the internet.

Blocks Global are experts in Android and cloud-based computing; and leveraging our understanding of marketing, technology and Android we've developed Screener™ — a platform-as-a-service for agencies, retailers and software companies to remotely manage and measure smart devices such as interactive screens on the shelf of retail stores.

Using Screener, agencies and software companies can manage their software and applications using our APIs and Android technology; and devices can be remotely upgraded to take advantage of emerging technology such beacons and mobile payments.

The benefit to business is the repurpose or use of rich and interactive web content, tools or services on a stable and managed platform to efficiently improve engagement and effectiveness — all with real-time analytics.

Screener™ has been proven across digital signage, customer engagement and HTML5 point-of-sale, but as an embedded platform it’s the perfect foundation to 'The Internet of Things' — suited to industries as diverse as logistics, transport, education, travel, appliances / home automation and healthcare.

To learn more about Screener, visit http://www.screener.digital

To book a demo to see Screener in action, visit here