Lumin is a product to address our Ageing Population and the Alzheimers [Dementia] Epidemic, by connecting best of breed technologies such as wearables and smart devices to a family communications hub.


Our vision is to significantly improve the quality of life for seniors and their families by harnessing mobile, home automation and wearable technology.

Lumin is about maintaining independence for Seniors, and redefining community options for aged care.

Lumin is specialised software comes with:

• one touch emergency help button
• one touch phone calls
• medication reminders
• a single private in-box for checking phone and text messages from carers
• weather, time, appointments and more
• a place for shared family photos

Seniors don’t need to worry about managing the technology – it can be remotely monitored, managed and updated by a ca

The in-home screen also connects to other in-home smart devices to monitor for serious problems, such as fire or gas.

Any triggers or alarms will automatically send alerts to a carer group for an immediate response or action if required.


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