Are you a Digital Agency?

Why use Screener?

OpenSign allows agencies and marketing people to deliver and measure exciting new customer experiences to screens in-store using their existing web tools and technology without having to understand how to deploy and manage the network and hardware.

Web and mobile content can be used or repurposed in store where 94¢ in the dollar are still spent, and measured in real time along with their other marketing activities with Google Analytics or other 'big data' tools. It also makes it easy to plug-in other customer movement and hardware such as iBeacon.

Screener also reflects a new revenue opportunity for agencies in new services revenues as well as ongoing annuity through ongoing licensing.

Key benefits include.

+ Real-time monitoring and remote trouble shooting of hardware

+ Secure and managed platform

+ Browser based HTML5 content

+ Plays well with mobile strategies 

+ Video suport

+ Real time analytics

+ Any size, tablet to large format touch and non touch

+ On- and offline delivery of HTML content including store and forward

+ Delivery over 3G

+ Comprehensive API's with documentation

+ Support tools and resources

+ Extensible platform to plug-into other technologies such as i-beacon, sonar, NFC or hardware devices  

Sales and marketing links
Product website here [including themes, case studies, supported hardware, links to help and more]
Help site here
VIMEO here with video case studies

Agent Support
Sales & Marketing Tools  here [including graphics, PPT files, case studies etc]
Developer resources here
Portal for the platform here
API links here [available to all users/developers]
Reseller Portal here [you would need training and access]
Help desk ticketing. You can call, chat online or use this email address. All generate a ticket to track and report on response and issues.

Web CMS support
Why Web CMS? All Signage CMS’s are proprietary which is against the flow of business and software globally.
The web CMS industry is a multi billion dollar industry that’s fast moving and driven by the Marketing team. [80% of all IT spend with be managed by the CMO by 2016 *Intel]. The customer journey starts and ends here.
Web CMS’s can personalise, customise, regionalise, and report on the entire customer journey.

For larger companies they tend to have an agency or develop web/e-commerce content in-house.
We currently have Web CMS Publisher and Magento fully integrated but any web CMS can be used such as WordPress, Sitecore, Drupal, Adobe AEM or the 1,000’s of others ranging from enterprise to very simple creation and editing. 
If the CMS is not integrated you simply edit the content in the CMS and manage the Screens in OpenSign.

Skills for Website Development
The OpenSign Ecosystem works with standard web technologies and a Firefox or Crome Browser so anyone that can develop websites particularly for mobile [as they are touch and require HTML5] can for OpenSign.
The developer skills required are HTML5, CSS and web technologies such as JavaScript, all standard for any website development.


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