Blocks Global are market leaders in Android® Operating System customization and services.

Android Experts

BlocksGlobal are experts in the customisation and development of specialist Operating Systems derived from Android®. Put simply, we know the Android® platform inside-out with dedicated build pipelines to track, update and deploy.

Android: the embedded platform
Android® is not only about tablets and phones, it’s a smart and modern operating system that fits perfectly with other non-mobile devices.

Intel Inside and ARM
We create commercial Android® solutions for x86/Intel, ARM devices.

White-label, customised Android ecosystems
We extend beyond the Operating System, providing customers with their own complete ecosystem including:

+ A custom Android® build
+ A dedicated and self-managed App store
+ A baked-in MDM framework.

Consultancy services
Do you need help with managing your Android® environment, or large commercial rollouts? Do you have specific requirements that standard Android® OS installation does not provide for?

At BlocksGlobal we can work with you to assess your needs and build targeted solutions.

We can offer support and training services in Android® OS development.