Screen Media

Digital Signage

Representing a new and exciting opportunity for not only retail environments but also restaurants and cafés, Blocks Services can bring your instore signage to life. Whether using existing screens or an out-of-the-box solution, your screens and signage you can now offer an engaging and interactive experience that will change the way you engage with your customers – and all within the OpenSign™ Publisher content management system!

Mobile and Tablets
A new digital signage and screen offering ensures that both retailers and service provider can take advantage of the meteoric rise in smart phone, iPad and tablet sales.

Encourage consumers to take the retail and service experience with them when they leave your store through their mobile, iPad or Android based tablets. With Blocks Services' expertise, knowledge and technology you can easily increase consumer engagement in -

Your retail environment:

  • Assist your customers with in-store purchases
  • Update prices anywhere - anytime
  • Gamify your retail or service environment
  • Share content from screen to screen
  • Create wish lists that can be sent to a customer’s mobile via SMS  
  • Run ‘loyalty’ and ‘just-in-time’ promotions

Your service environment:

  • Update menus on the fly
  • Modify specials to suit the time of day
  • Integrated mobile means customers can order ahead to avoid the queue
  • SMS notifications let your customers know when their order is ready
  • Allow customers to order directly from their table via a tablet or their phone
  • Use QR triggered loyalty programs to reward your best customers

The possibilities are endless!