The Screener™ platform is a completely unique device management ecosystem.

What is Screener

If you’ve worked with screens before, you will know the time and effort required to ensure that the operating system (OS) is ‘locked down’ to prevent unwanted popups, notifications and alerts, stop users from breaking out, and provision your devices with your chosen software ensuring they’re correctly configured. You also need a quality browser optimized and customized for performance and security.

Using a custom built Android operating system (Screener OS), a private app store and our Cloud Services, Screener can manage from 1 to 1000’s of devices on a screen network securely and with complete remote management from the hardware, operating system and content from within our toolset or via our API’s.

Using rich filters, smart lists and locations, Screener enables you to organize your devices through a single interface from any location with an internet connection. Screener is also equipped with multiple system watchdogs to ensure maximum stability. Every device sends back regular detailed health and status reports covering everything from hardware temperatures and memory usage to content playback status.

We have partnered with hardware manufacturers and chip providers to provide commercial-grade, Screener-certified devices suitable for your needs.

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Screener provides:

  • Your own commercial grade Operating System
  • Your own App store
  • Your own remote device management
  • Your own monitoring and analytics

Put it all together and you have end-to-end control over your fleet of interactive devices.

Screener is open and extensible with APIs to control all aspects of the ecosystem.


Screener devices / Operating system

Our Operating System is a customised version of Android®, giving you all the benefits of the world's biggest mobile OS, customised to the meet the rigorous demands of enterprise-scale field deployment, including;

  • Removing the desktop, task bar and any other consumer technology that compromises the security or stability
  • Re-engineering the log-file system and structure
  • Automated App updates
  • Automated OS upgrades
  • Hardware watch-dog integration
  • Support for 3G, wifi and ethernet networks (including authenticated HTTP proxy networks)
  • Installer and technician-only controls on the actual device.


Android® on x86 devices

Don’t just think tablets and mobile, our Screener OS can be installed on many PC’s and other gadgets.

We are pioneers in the delivery of stable Android-based devices running on x86 chips.

Why? By running Screener on both x86 and ARM devices we deliver increased flexibility and choice when planning your requirements.  Use the power and performance of the latest Intel-backed hardware, or opt for cheaper, more efficient ARM based units. 

Choose from our wide range of hardware options, or talk with us about delivering Screener™ on your hardware of choice.


A custom App store

Screener deployments come with their own remotely-managed private App store. Use the web portal, or the API to upload and manage the available Apps in your network and assign them to installed devices. Devices will automatically download and install the Apps assigned to them.

Using this patent pending architecture it's simple to extend and enhance your device capabilities remotely. This gives you the flexibility to add features or hardware such as NFC, beacon [Bluetooth] technology, printers, scanners, 3G connectivity… as well as whatever is next in the fast moving world of tech.


Device monitoring

Manage and monitor your fleet from anywhere in the world. All devices regularly return detailed health and status data as well as a timeline of event activity. Set monitoring profiles across devices so you can receive alerts when a problem is detected, and pre-emptively deal with any issues.


Remote Device Management

Remotely control your devices and proactively resolve issues. Trigger screenshots, reboot devices, receive log files and more. The network even has the ability to self-heal common issues.


Analytics and reporting

Use Statsy, our big data tool to get detailed dashboards and time-series data on the state of your fleet, content, devices, movement, weather and/or any other data feed.

All health and event data is stored in our data warehouse, which you can query and dissect in real time, giving you the power to analyse and visualise device / fleet performance over time. Not only that, you can pump your own data into Statsy (whether from a device itself, or from an external source) giving you all the flexibility to report what on matters most to you.


Tools and resources

There are a number of tools and resources to help customers and developers manage the network of screens, as well as tips and advice on producing efficient HTML5 content such as Open APIs, Developer documentation. 


Screener Website to book a demo.