The TFIApp is the brain child of TFIA & SCT, enabling and empowering TFIA member companies from the TCF industry, that may not otherwise have methods to connect.

How it works

Populate your profile
All members are pre-registered with TFIApp — they simply populate their company profile and they're ready.

Instant access to TFIAs network
Access the TCF network from anywhere — we've put the entire TCF businesses and government network in the palm of your hand.

Private access
Search for a name, a number or the perfect partner to a tender application — TFIApp provides member-only access to contacts, services, distribution, HS codes and more.

Quick search
Find what you need fast and effectively using location, business type or free text search.

Advanced filters
Multiply the power of search using HS codes, business accreditation or Hub Cluster fields.

Access detailed company information
Within each company result you’ll uncover detailed company information including contacts, skills and services, HS codes, specialised machinery, distribution and much more…

Easy results export
Export allows you to save your search results as a PDF — meaning you can work offline, attach to an email and share.